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Agriculture and Aquaculture Galvanised Steel Storage Tanks

Tasman Tanks range of Agriculture tanks are designed to store volumes from 150kL to 6000kL, utilizing our proven cost effective design with out the need for pouring expensive concrete foundations. Our range of Agricultural tanks can be constructed on compacted gravel foundations, and erected quickly to provide storage capacities to meet your requirements. 

These tanks are designed for use in areas such as;

  • Dairy Effluent
  • Horticulture
  • Irrigation
  • Aquaculture
  • Livestock Effluent

Due to the low height and large diameter of these tanks, they do not support roof structures, however optional rain covers can be provided upon request. 

Tanks can be fitted with our standard attachment's and nozzles or special fittings as per our clients request. 

Tasman Tank Range

Contact Tasman Tanks for more information on our Agriculture Tank Range. If you have an application which does not suite our Agriculture tank, Tasman has other tank designs that will be able to meet your requirements such as our TS600 Circular liner tanks which can be constructed complete with roofs and access requirements. Talk to one of our Tank Specialists about your specific requirements so we can offer you the right solution.

dairy effluent tank

10 Year Liner Warranty

Standard Sizes from 72,000 litres (72m³) to 6 million litres (6000m³)

Heights Available
150m³ to 3000m³ - 2.1m wall height 
1000m³ to 6000m³ - 2.7m wall height 

For the Future of Our Environment

Tasman Tanks Standard Features

  • Butterfly valve included for outlet 
  • Galvanised steel compression wind girder 
  • Galvanised steel wall panels and fasteners 
  • Engineers Producer Statement (PS1) supplied on each tank 
  • Stainless steel inlet and outlet supplied 
  • Mechanical ground Anchors 
  • Tasman's dedicated project Coordinators will provide free assistance with the preparation of the building consent if required 

    Auxiliary Items Available

    • PS4 available if required
    • Additional outlets/inlets 
    • Rectangular side access man-ways can be fitted 
    • Mechanical liquid level indicator 
    • Vacuum tanker outlet 
    • Fittings for installation of most proprietary stirring systems

    Tank Covers - Optional 
    An innovative 'Tank cover' can be fitted to all sizes of Tasman Tanks. The covercan have numerous roles from methane control and water collection for farm use, to reducing the required capacity of the tank by as much as 40%

    Colour Options 
    Additional Powder coating available in a range of colours  

    Engineering Design Criteria

    • Engineering Design to AS/NZS1170.0 
    • Design life (structural) - 50 years 
    • Design life (durability) - 25 years 
    • IL 1 Design Classification
    • To Wind Speed - 45m/s 
    • Terrain Category 2 
    • Subsoil Class D 
    • Seismic Design - each tank is designed and certified to your specific Seismic Region 

    Ground anchors are standard on all tanks, ensuring reliability during high winds and seismic events.

    Tank Foundations 
    The inherent resiliency of bolted steel construction avoids the need for concrete foundations.