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The innovative design and engineering of the TS700 tank provides the optimal solution for large reservoirs, with a range of sizes to 40m in diameter or 25m high. The materials available for the TS700 make it the premium choice for applications that have more aggressive corrosion and contain solids, or require extended design life for large potable water reservoirs. 

The use of process equipment such as mixers, agitators or large high flow suctions are also possible, as there is no internal containment liner, there is no risk of liner damage. The tanks are sealed during the construction process with proven polyurethane or MS polymer sealants, that bond and seal the tank panels and fittings when they are bolted together. Tanks can be manufactured with an integral floor or installed as a rebate style tank utilizing a concrete foundation as the tank floor.

  • The TS700 model maintains its water seal using a PVC foam gasket, polyurethane flexible sealant and Tasman Tanks' industry leading bolted seal. 
  • The walls and floor are fabricated from stainless steel grade 304 or 316.
  • Tank overflow drain inlets and outlets sizes to AS/NZS3500 requirements.
  • Access ladders or stairways are supplied on all tanks. Ladders conform with AS1657. Side entry manholes can also be supplied.

Roof options

TS700 Tanks can be constructed as open top or complete with a variety of roof options, including trough deck, aluminium geodesic dome, conical external beam, or dual membrane gas-holders, using materials to suit the application and corrosive nature of the vapour space.

Roofs can be standard galvanized, heavy duty galvanized, epoxy coated or stainless steel. All roofs are designed to AS/NZS1170.2.

Applications include:

  • Municipal potable water reservoirs 
  • Waste water
  • Black Water
  • Industrial process water
  • Seawater or brine
  • Effluent storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Biogas digesters
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Leachate and permeate tanks
  • Demineralized water

Tank Materials 

The TS700 can be manufactured in a range of materials including:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel
  • 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • Duplex stainless steel. 
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy
  • Glass Fused to Steel